Six Sided Home Built Wood Fired Cedar Steam Sauna

by Barry

My friends have been using their homemade outdoor wood fired steam saunas for decades. I finally decided to build my own sauna based on their design. Of course I had to include my own modifications to personalize it. I copied their basic design of a six sided board and bat configuration but put the cedar poles outside of the walls to allow more usable space within. The use of the triangle in the design with 4 foot sides gives about an eight foot diameter sauna. Instead of the open fire pit beneath a recycled water tank to create the steam I used a 55 gallon barrel and a pair of air tanks from a portable compressor installed within the drum. The efficiency of this wood fired barrel stove system is far superior to an open fire pit but is less aesthetic than the open fire. I must warn you that using a tank as boiler for steam can be dangerous if steam pressure is not ALWAYS allowed to escape the tank. I used locally milled cedar and made the bench and flooring from Pine and Douglas fir pallets.

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