Saunacore Residential Sauna Heaters

For an energy efficient residential sauna you need to start with a high quality heater stove that is properly rated for the size of your sauna room. In addition to reaching every spot in the sauna, you’ll want your sauna to heat up to temperature as fast as possible - and the heat to stay constant until you are finished.

One of the Best Residential Sauna Heaters on the Market

You’ll find commercial and residential heaters on the market, a lot of them in fact, but you should take a look at Saunacore sauna heaters for outstanding quality and price. These units are energy efficient and service-free sauna heaters, ranging in models from 2,000 watts to 21,000 watts, with various compact sizes available. All of the residential heaters are manufactured to meet the latest CSA, UL and CE safety requirements.

Saunacore residential heaters are affordable starting at around $380 for a 2KW unit, to $700 for a 10.5KW sauna heater, weighing in at about 50 to 70 lbs. The heaters are rated for the amount of cubic feet they can heat from 100 max cu ft up to 525 max cu ft. Here is a breakdown of the different model specs:

Residential Sauna Heaters

Model/Kilowatts Max cu ft Volts Amps Wire Size
KW 2 100 120 or 240 9 14
KW 3 150 240 14 12
KW 4 200 240 18 12
KW 5 250 240 23 10
KW 6 300 240 27 10
KW 7.5 375 240 34 8
KW9 450 240 41 8
KW 10.5 525 240 48 8

Note: These are the economically-priced sauna heaters; Saunacore also offers special edition residential heaters, steam vaporizers and the Ultimate Heater (all starting at around $600).

More Features

We are also impressed with the features of the Saunacore standard residential sauna heaters which include:

  • Limited 5-year residential warranty.
  • Mechanical wall mount controls included.
  • Sauna stones included.
  • Partially painted/stainless steel body.
  • Wall mount design that can be positioned in a corner or on a flat wall.
  • Ultra long life Incoloy (800 series) heating elements. These are more durable than copper or stainless steel elements.
  • Heat deflector surrounds the rock tray to direct heat into room, whereas others heat upwards over the heater.
  • Vented body design allows the sauna heater to run up to 50 degrees cooler than competitors
  • Underside of the heater is open to allow cold air at floor level to pass through the hot rock compartment, creating air convection throughout a sauna.
  • The sauna heaters automatically shut off after 30 minutes but may be set for up to 60 minutes.

Saunacore is a leader in the industry and much respected for its heaters and sauna designs. As you can see from the specs listed above, with Saunacore products you’ll be getting a residential sauna heater that is well-built and backed by an extensive warranty.

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