Pre-Fab and Do-It-Yourself Home Sauna Kits

Home sauna kits are in demand now that a record number of people are getting in on the home and personal spa craze.

You can buy a modular kit which will have everything you need, or you can order a do-it-yourself sauna kit which will usually require some general carpentry skills since you’ll be doing the framing yourself.

DIY Home Sauna Kits

A custom-built package is almost like building a sauna from scratch. This do-it-yourself sauna kit comes “made to order” meaning you come up with the custom design and the supplier cuts the interior materials to your specifications.

Do-It-Yourself Sana Kit

Before you can assemble the sauna kit, you’ll need to build the frame, lay the floor joists, and do the insulation yourself.

The do-it-yourself kit you order will supply the wall and ceiling panels, trim and base boards, benches, a pre-hung door, the threshold and casing, the heater, and any accessories.

To assemble the sauna, you’ll then only have to nail the tongue and groove boards to your studs.

It’s a lot more work to build your sauna with one of these home sauna kits, but if you have an odd-size corner or closet that a pre-fab unit won’t fit in, then a custom design will be the only option.

If you are looking for a high quality traditional sauna kit, check out Saunacore Saunas.

If you are looking for a high quality infrared sauna kit, check out Sunlighten Saunas today.

Here’s a quick look at some other considerations before you start:

  • Electrical Requirements. You’ll need to hire a qualified electrician to do the wiring.
  • Gas Line Hook-Up. If you choose a gas-fired heater you must hire a certified professional to run a gas line to your home sauna.
  • Precut Sauna Room Kit
  • Building Permits. Don’t take a chance on violating the local codes. Check with the Building Department first and secure any necessary permit before you begin assembling the sauna kit. The permit is inexpensive; the fine is not.
  • Framing and Insulation. You’ll want to insulate the room and install a vapor barrier to keep the heat in and keep moisture damage out of the house. The framing should also include a way to properly vent the sauna to maintain air circulation and prevent a build up of odors.
  • The Choice of Heating System. Electric heaters are the most popular. A gas heater will need a special hookup but will be less expensive to operate than an electric one. Wood-fired heaters should be only used in detached building saunas and not indoor home saunas (check your home owners insurance). Far Infrared Ray (FIR) ceramic heaters are also a popular choice but they don’t operate with the traditional hot rocks like the other stoves do.
  • What are Prefabricated (Modular) Home Sauna Kits?

    Prebuilt Modular Sauna Kit

    When sauna kits come in the free-standing pre-fab model, you’ll have everything you need to set up the sauna, and the do-it-yourself-kit will come with step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

    Modular home saunas do not require framing or insulation so they are easier for those who are carpentry-challenged.

    The exterior walls are self-supporting, the benches are pre-assembled, the door is pre-hung, and the light fixtures are ready to go. The only drawback is the cost of freight of a large unit which could be several hundred dollars.

    Which Kit is Easier to Set Up?

    In comparing the two home sauna kits, the pre-fab kit can be set up in a few hours, whereas the custom do-it-yourself steam sauna kit could take a full weekend what with framing, insulation, and assembly.

    You could hire a contractor to do the work for you, but that will add substantially to the cost of the project.

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