A Beginner’s Guide to the Basement Sauna in the U.K.

The Basement Sauna is the U.K.’s leading gay and bisexual sauna group. It boasts three easy locations: in Leeds, Manchester and Gran Canaria (Spain). When we say easy, we mean easy. You can show up at any of the Basement’s venues every day of every week. Are you looking for a gay old time? This club offers a gay old time in every sense of the word—light hearted, fancy free, and with plenty of hunky guys!

Amenities at the Basement Sauna

Visitors can tour the Ground Floor area and be formally introduced in the reception area by staff members. The locker area is secure and protected by CCTV. There are also showers (with soap and shampoo), steam rooms and a sauna area that can accommodate up to 20 men. The steam room is especially inviting, as it is injected with eucalyptus and has dark seductive corners and soft, sensual music. Other amenities include a lounge cafe with drinks and an Internet point, a TV room, cabin areas and massage rooms. The Basement Sauna is a welcoming facility, so welcoming in fact, that you can join the club upon your first visit. The meet and greet service at the reception area ensures that even shyer guys will be made to feel right at home.

The Gran Canaria Basement Complex is especially seductive and boasts a minimal amount of rules with a heavy-hedonism approach. Nudity is preferred here and fetish wear abounds. In fact, this club has a strict dress code, though tuxedos and formal casual are not mentioned anywhere on the VIP list. While on the property guests must be naked, or wear something sexy—like leather, military uniforms, skin-tight outfits, rubber or other types of fetish wear. All features at the gym require nudity (or jocks) and swimsuits are not accepted. The objective of the Gran Canaria is to promote cleanliness, and of course, lots of sex. Exhibitionism, voyeurism and sexual freedom are encouraged throughout the premises. There are even bedroom apartments, bungalows and kitchenettes on-site.

The Most Extreme Experience: Gran Canaria

The Gran Canaria Studios resort offers the most extreme experience. The environment maximizes cruising time and promotes healthy, safe sex. Unlike some other gay clubs in town, the Basement Sauna does not discriminate guys based on look, body size, fitness, ethnic background or age (as long as you’re legal!) The only “rule” is that you must respect the quite liberal “dresscode.” Besides the above mentioned resort benefits, some extra sexy amenities include “glory holes”, slings, stocks (no, not financial stocks, the stocks you’re thinking of) and even a sex turntable. What the hell is a sex turntable you ask? Think medieval torture (but much more pleasurable) and you might have a vague idea of the fun you are in for.

Just how fast and loose are the public indecency rules at the resort? At the Basement Gay Sauna (particularly the ultra-wild Gran Canaria location) sex is permitted anywhere on the resort. However, you are under no obligation to partake. Feel free to watch like many other voyeurs. The staff is made up of gay men only, and they are free to play in non-working hours. After all, cleanliness is above horniness! As if you haven’t figured it out by now, the Basement Sauna is the one of the hottest UK gay saunas to visit!

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