Sauna Accessories Reflect Your Personality

When selecting sauna accessories keep in mind that the colors, accents, and lighting all contribute in large parts to reflecting your personality and providing the kind of atmosphere you seek.

A few simple additions in your sauna's environment, such as an aromatic fragrance or another sauna accessory, may be all that’s needed to create a special place where you can look forward to retreating to at the end of each day.

Here are a few ideas to consider....

Bucket & Dipper

Sauna Bucket
Sauna Dipper

If you have a hot rocks heater, you should get an accessory such as a bucket and a dipper. A plastic water bottle just won’t do! A dipper or two full of water is splashed on the rocks to create the löyly, the steam that promotes sweating and increases the humidity of the room.

Buckets and dippers should be made of natural soft wood so that they can expand and contract just like other wooden fixtures and accessories subjected to the heat of the sauna.

Scrub the Skin

Loofa Back Brush

You think of saunas as a time to sit back and relax but you should also use the time to pay attention to your skin. One sauna accessory you should keep handy is a loofa brush. An invigorating scrub of the skin while sweating opens clogged pores and helps remove flakes of dry, dead cells.

Set the Mood

Color is a key ingredient to establishing the mood or atmosphere in the sauna. From the wood you select, to the type of heater, even to the color of the light bulb, these sauna accessories will all contribute to the warm appeal of your sauna. Consider replacing the white light with an amber-orange bulb to achieve a soft, warm glow in the interior. Any colored bulb of 60 watts or less will work in a sauna light fixture but they do tend to have a shorter life in the hot environment.

Don’t Forget your Senses

Just as adding scented candles can liven up a room, you can add another small but important touch such as aroma fragrance sauna accessories. These scents come in citrus, forest, birch, pine, apple, peppermint or other delightful aromas. Simply add a few drops to the bucket of water and pour the water slowly on the hot stones. The scent releases with the steam.

Essential Oils & Ionizers

Sauna Oil

Another idea for a sauna accessory you can use to enhance the overall feeling of ambiance and make the steam feel more soothing, is to add a little sage and eucalyptus. It only takes a teaspoon of the oils added to the water. You can also add several drops of essential oils to a spray bottle filled with water and then spray the surfaces in the sauna.

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One final option for essential sauna accessories is to add an oxygen ionizer on a wall. Its function is to release negative ions to purify the air, and it can also dispense aromas.

Sauna Entertainment System

Sound is another important sense and, while some people like to have music playing to pass the time, others prefer their bath to be quiet and tranquil. Accessories such as a standard radio/CD player won’t survive long in the heated sauna atmosphere, but built-in speakers work great. But again, if you’re a sauna purist and want to enjoy löyly in silence, you may want to pass on the entertainment system.

Make your own wish list of sauna accessories and see how easy and fun it is to create a sauna experience that is more comfortable and beneficial for achieving stress relief.

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