Infrared Sauna Blankets - Which One is the Best?

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

Have you heard about infrared sauna blankets? If not, chances are you will soon enough. They're gaining in popularity, especially since more and more people are choosing to take care of their health and fitness needs at home.

Sauna therapy is an age old method for improving health with a fairly simple principle: the heat of the sauna encourages your body to work harder and produce more sweat. As that sweat is expelled it takes built up toxins with it, helping to reduce body fat, improve circulation and soothe aching joints.

For generations, people all over the world have enjoyed the many health benefits of traditional saunas. From the original chambers with simple wood burning heat sources to today’s ultra modern infrared units, there are many ways to get those benefits.

There are many health clubs and gyms that offer saunas as part of their facilities and for those who prefer the convenience of using a sauna in their home, there are small units that can easily be installed in almost any decent sized room.

These models offer all of the same features that commercial spas do, with comfortable seating, built-in sounds systems and high tech controls to help you set and maintain your ideal temperature. Despite their convenience, though, these in-home saunas can take up a lot of room and can be quite costly.

For individuals who want the infrared experience without paying a premium price, the solution may well be the latest addition to the sauna market, the infrared sauna blanket. 

Also referred to as sauna sleeping bags or simply sauna bags, these innovative devices have been rapidly gaining in popularity and with more models coming on the market at remarkably affordable prices, they are quickly threatening to overshadow their more traditional counterparts.

Why a Far Infrared Sauna Blanket?

As the name suggests, far infrared blankets use the same basic technology as traditional infrared saunas. Instead of using steam to produce health benefits, infrared saunas use infrared heat waves to permeate the body and increase your core temperature, much the same way as the UV rays of the sun do.

Because this happens gradually from within, it is a more subtle and less stressful method, allowing you to get the same health benefits as traditional saunas at lower temperatures. 

The key difference with a sauna blanket is that you can more easily adjust them to help target specific areas of the body that need more attention. Some blankets include several individual heat zones, usually for the upper body, the midsection and the lower body, so that you can increase the heat in the areas where you need it most. Others have one zone with steady, soothing heat distributed evenly.

Want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Just turn up the heat in the abdominal section. Need soothing heat to help heal arthritic knees?  A quick adjustment lets you focus the heat on your lower body.

This flexibility of the heat controls is only one advantage of sauna blankets, though. The main difference, obviously, is that they are small and easily portable so that you can enjoy the sauna experience wherever you are.

When not in use, they fold up for easy storage so they don’t take up a lot of room in your house and since they are lightweight and easy to carry, you can even take your blanket with you when you travel. Their price tag is also much lower, making them more affordable than a traditional sauna cabinet.

Among the many infrared sauna blanket benefits is the fact that they generally operate at lower temperatures than traditional saunas, making them more comfortable and since they envelop your entire body, they provide therapeutic heat to various body parts more directly, with subtle, gentle pressure.

This can be a much more tolerable sauna experience for those who can’t take the heat of traditional saunas but still want to enjoy improved blood circulation and respiration, improved immune system function, weight loss and reduced pain and inflammation of joints. 

The low level heat and gentle pressure can also help to reduce tension, stress and fatigue, leaving you feeling more energized and even improve the overall health and look of your skin.

Sauna Talk's Top Recommendations

Do infrared blankets work? That’s a good question and we decided to find out for ourselves. There are a number of infrared sauna blankets on the market today, so we put them to the test to determine which ones stand out from the pack. 

Here are our top picks to give you the spa experience you want in the comfort of your own home.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

This blanket is the latest offering from the popular HigherDOSE spa and it’s the perfect way to bring the HigherDOSE experience to your home or anywhere else you happen to be.

Made with premium non-toxic interior and exterior fabrics, this blanket uses low EMF heating to provide soothing infrared heat directly to the parts of your body that need it most. This large, comfy blanket is designed to increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow to open up the pores and get you sweating.

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket has one heat zone with several different level settings, but the real difference is the exclusive use of amethyst, tourmaline and charcoal layers as well as a medical-grade magnetic strip, to provide an uplifting sensation along with the health benefits of the infrared rays.

Amethyst is meditative and calming, to help alleviate stress and create a feeling of peace while the tourmaline, a negative ion, stirs biochemical reactions in the body that increase mood, ease depression and boost daytime energy.

The charcoal also boosts energy along with brightening the skin, reducing bloating and increasing the body’s natural detoxifying process. At the same time, the medical grade magnetic strip promotes healthy blood circulation, enhancing the wellness experience even more as it stimulates nerve activity and controls the body’s acidity level.

All of this is wrapped up in premium, EMF free, non-toxic materials to avoid exposure to any excess toxins. The bottom line is an overall wellness experience that leaves the user feeling healthier, rejuvenated and euphoric.

It works simply, just lay it down on any heatproof surface such as a massage table or even a bed, lie down and slip under the blanket. Set your controls and enjoy the healing effects for up to an hour at a time. When you’re done you’ll fell refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for anything.

From a practical standpoint, the double side zipper for access and the easy to use controller make for an extremely comfortable experience. The controller even has a built-in safety feature that shuts off after an hour to avoid overheating.

At $599, the HigherDOSE V4 is a bit pricier than some other models, but the added wellness benefits of its unique design make it well worth the price.

You can check it out and get a special Sauna Talk exclusive 15% off discount here! 


Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket V5

Another great option from one of the leading wellness companies on the market today, the Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket is a high quality product that offers the many benefits of far IR therapy.

It includes a medical grade magnetic strip to improve blood circulation, velcro strap for easy fastening, an easy access controller, premium, non-toxic exterior and interior fabrics and most importantly, low EMF heating.

You can easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs, and it's also very portable so you can bring it wherever you go. It only takes about 10 minutes to heat up, which makes it much more convenient than many of the other sauna blankets on the market today.

Best of all, it's very reasonably priced given all of the great features it has to offer.

You can check it out and get a special Sauna Talk exclusive $80 off discount here! 


O Hukoer FIR Sauna Blanket

The HUKOER far-infrared blanket is made of a soft Oxford cloth material on the outside, designed to be odor free, waterproof, and lighter and softer for maximum comfort. The inside is waterproof PVC.

It has a two zone temperature control and a built-in safety feature that automatically sets off an alarm and shuts off the heating element if the temperature goes above 185 degrees.  At just under $200 it is affordable, but the quality is in line with the lower price tag.

Check out this one here.

Lofan Portable Sauna Blanket

Lofan Sauna Blanket

At around $160, this is a pretty standard middle of the line model from Lofan.  It can reach a high of 176 degrees Fahrenheit and is made of top grade PU material with a flexible, waterproof PVC interior.

It comes in a bright orange, pink or gray and has two separate heating zones as well as a safety shut off and an easy to use remote control.

Check out this one here.

What's the Bottom Line on Sauna Blankets?

If you’re looking to get the benefits of a traditional infrared spa without paying the often high price for a spa treatment or a full size in-home spa, then an infrared sauna blanket may be the perfect choice for you.

A blanket can help to detoxify the body and break up fatty tissue deposits to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote weight loss. It can also relieve tension in the muscles, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, relieve headaches and boost immune system function.

The effects of infrared heat therapy are well documented and infrared sauna blankets can be a great way for you to get targeted relief, reduce stress and boost your overall wellness experience. As with any application of heat, it’s recommended that you start slowly, with a 15 minute session once a week and gradually work your way up to a 45 minute session three times a week for maximum benefit.

Get the benefits of infrared technology in the comfort of your own home or even on the road with a lightweight, easy to use infrared sauna blanket and feel the difference.

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