Our Infrared Sauna Reviews Will Help You Make the Right Choice

If you've been looking for infrared sauna reviews, you might be overwhelmed by the lack of solid information out there.  

That's because there are so many options out there, and everyone claims that their saunas are the very best. But how do you really know?

Our experts have been researching home saunas for over 15 years, and although it took quite some time, we've been able to narrow down the list to just a handful of top brands that have made our Best Infrared Sauna list.

These are top brands that we can confidently recommend due to their stellar reputation, customer satisfaction, product certifications and quality of the heating elements, wood and other sauna components.

Finding the Ideal Sauna For Your Home

When it comes to IR saunas, you really do get what you pay for.  That said, a good starting point for you is figuring out what your approximate budget is.

JNH Lifestyles Sauna

Your Budget is Around $1000 or Less...

The very cheapest saunas you will find cost around $1000 for a 1 or 2 person unit.  

Now you might be saying "Hey, that doesn't sound very cheap" but when it comes to home saunas, that's about as low as it gets.  

Think about it...you have the heating element(s), the wood paneling/bench, the glass door/windows, temperature controls. Even if they aren't of the highest quality, there's still a lot that goes into it.

What can you expect from a $1000 sauna?  

Our infrared sauna reviews show that these certainly won't be your best options. The quality is simply not there, as the construction is poor, the quality of the wood is subpar, and most importantly, the heating elements oftentimes don't emit the levels of infrared heat that they are supposed to.

In this price range you're better off with a portable sauna or sauna blanket, as those will be much better quality than a traditional stand up model. 

Under $1000 - TOP PICK

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Dynamic Sauna

Your Budget is Around $2000 or Less...

Expanding your budget above $1000 opens up the doors to some of the saunas from the decent brands as well as some of the portable units from the higher end brands.

So here you have the 1-2 person units from Dynamic, JNH and others, and the Solo System from Sunlighten which is a good portable option if you want the higher quality heating system without paying for the full sauna room.

With JNH and Dynamic, you're still not getting top quality, but their IR saunas are very good compared to some of the others out there.

Under $2000 - TOP PICK


Clearlight/Jacuzzi Sauna

Your Budget is Around $3000 to $4000...

According to our in-depth infrared sauna reviews, this is the price point where you start seeing the real quality.  

This is where the construction starts to be much better, where there is less EMF emission, where the woods are thick and durable, and where the heating units are backed by certifications and studies that prove their efficacy.

Here you will find the 1-2 person units from top companies like Sunlighten and Clearlight, two brands that have been at the top of our recommendation list for many years now.  

When they are on sale you can find them right at the $3000 mark or a few hundred dollars more, and these saunas are much better than the cheaper ones in every respect.

$3000 - $4000 - TOP PICKS



SaunaCore High End Sauna

Your Budget is Wide Open...

Without hesitation, if money is no object and you're simply looking for the best infrared sauna you can get, look at Sunlighten, Heavenly Heat and Sun Home Saunas.

All of these companies offer full spectrum saunas with even more benefits than the far infrared versions.

Take a look at the full spectrum saunas at Sunlighten & Clearlight.

If you want a unique outdoor sauna look at Sun Home as well.  Between the three you can definitely find what you need.

$4000+ - TOP PICKS




Can You Recommend an IR Sauna?

Absolutely.  Our infrared sauna reviews have given us a wealth of information about what's out there and where to find the best units.  

Please feel free to use the form and our experts will get back to you shortly with a recommendation to fit your needs.

For quick reference you can check out our 2024 Top Picks and visit those sites to see what they have to offer.

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Infrared Sauna Reviews - Bottom Line

Before you begin reading reviews of sauna brands and the models that they offer, try to figure out what your budget is.  

As with many other things, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to home traditional and infrared saunas.

It's very hard to find unbiased reviews, so be careful when you're doing your research.  There are some so called "review" sites out there that are actually run by sauna companies, so the information there will be biased and steer you towards their own products.

You also won't find Consumer Reports sauna reviews because they don't exist, but there are several similar sites with similar names that just put out their own Top Ten lists that simply link to Amazon.

So just decide on a budget first and then read through the reviews of saunas that fit into that price range.

Just to recap everything...

$1000 Budget - Look at Portables/Blankets

$2000 Budget - Dynamic

$3000+ Budget - Sunlighten, Clearlight

Open Budget - Sunlighten, Clearlight, Saunacore

Those will be your best bets in all of those price categories.  

Again, if you can bump up to $3000 + you will get a really high quality sauna for your home.  That's when you start seeing the real deal saunas that truly offer the benefits that they're supposed to.

If you don't have the budget for it, a sauna from JNH or Dynamic is perfectly fine according to our infrared sauna reviews.

Contact us or use the form if you need a recommendation.

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