Lose Weight in a Sauna Suit – It Works!

The purpose of the sauna suit is to create the effect of being inside a sauna, trapping your body heat and causing you to sweat. It’s surprising that sauna suits aren’t more popular, since they work effectively and athletes have been using them for years.

If you’ve never heard of sauna sweat suits before, it might be because it is also known by other names such as: a workout suit, a thermal training suit, or a weight loss suit.

What Sauna Sweat Suits Do

Sauna Sweat Suit

A sauna workout suit works in the same way a real sauna works. When your body temperature is temporarily increased, your body does a couple of things: it sweats to cool down your system and this sweating process rids the body of toxins.

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The second thing an elevated temperature does is increase metabolism and calorie-burning. Rather than just lie around and watch TV in them, sweat suits are comfy enough that you can keep active while wearing them. The best sauna suit enables you to achieve maximum weight loss potential during your workout.

The heat therapy is also beneficial to your body because it increases the circulation of blood and the oxygenation of cells. This is healthy for your heart and other organs, your muscles, and especially your skin which is the largest organ of the body.

Not only is sweating in a sauna workout suit helpful to boosting your immune system, it is also a relaxing way to relieve stress and fatigue.

What Sauna Exercise Suits Look Like

The best sauna suit will be an attractive two-piece outfit made of plastic, vinyl, nylon or rubber. Prices run from $10 to $100 in both men’s’ and women’s’ “one-size-fits-all” styles, and many sweat suits average around $25 to $50.

The pants and long-sleeve top are cuffed at the neck, wrists, and ankles to keep body heat sealed in. The sweat suit also comes in a shorts and sleeveless top version to give you more freedom of movement during intense workouts.

Pros and Cons of a Wearable Sweat Suit


  • It’s lightweight and comfortable enough to wear during exercise or just doing housework
  • It’s a mini-steam bath so it works to promote sweating and burn calories
  • It’s ideal for keeping muscles warm and relaxed
  • It’s inexpensive compared to a real sauna
  • It’s an attractive two-piece design
  • It WORKS. You sweat like crazy


  • Even the best sauna suit can rip easily because of the thin material
  • The unisex sizing on some designs is too large for small women
  • It’s must be cleaned after each use
  • The pants stick to your skin as you sweat which some people might find yucky

Easy to Care For

Sauna Suit For Women

After your sweating session, take the sauna workout suit off and simply rinse it out while you are showering to wash out the sweat. Then hang it up and let it dry before the next use.

Don’t expect to lose pounds at first, since a sauna sweat suit will not melt away fat through sweating. You will lose water weight but that isn’t the same thing as fat weight. The water weight comes back on once you drink something to re-hydrate, but that’s normal.

In other words, a sauna sweat suit is not the only solution to weight loss, but it is a useful tool to use towards your weight management goals. For best results, find the best sauna suit you can and use it with a calorie-restrictive diet and a brisk 30-minute workout three to five times to lose the weight.

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