Dynamic Saunas - Affordable and Well Made

Dynamic Saunas offers a nice selection of infrared units, priced from about $1000 for their smaller units all the way up to almost $3000 for their larger saunas.  Sold from online merchants such as Amazon and Wayfair, as well as directly from their website, they have become very popular in recent years.

A Look at the Saunas

Dynamic Saunas

Dynamic makes far infrared and full spectrum saunas of various sizes and styles to accommodate all users.  They are all low EMF and are made of reforested Canadian hemlock.

All of the saunas have double paneled walls made of thick wood planks for more efficiency.

Let's take a look at the current lineup of Dynamic Saunas...


1 to 2 Persons

The least expensive model in this series is the 1-2 person Geneva, which features 6 carbon heating elements, dual control panels, LED display, music system with Bluetooth and speakers, and tempered glass door.  It costs around $1500 when it's on sale.

Moving up you have the the very popular Barcelona, which is essentially the same as the Geneva except in a darker wood finish.

You then have the Gracia and the Avila, which cost around $1,900 on sale.

There are a number of 2 person options to choose from, starting with the Santiago and ending with the Heming, offering a variety of different features, heating elements and wood shades.

Check out all of the Dynamic Saunas on sale now at the company site!

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For 3-4 people there's the Lugano, Bellagio and Bergamo, which is for 4 people.

In all there are over a dozen different models to choose from.


The Ultra Low EMF series emits even lower levels of EMF, as the name suggests.

Here you have some if the same model lines, as well as some different ones like the Llumeneres, Vila and Bilbao, among others. You also have some much larger 6 person options to choose from in this series.


For those looking for near IR, mid IR and far IR, Dynamic offers three options: the 2 person Santiago & Cardoba & the 3 person Lugano. These are a bit pricier than the far infrared models, but you're getting the additional benefits of near and mid wavelengths.


The Maxxus series has 6 different saunas to choose from, from 2 person up to 4 person. These differ from the other low EMF series in that they have their own control system and different style carbon heaters.

You can take a look through all of the current models on the official company site to decide which one most appeals to you.

The Pros

There are many advantages to Dynamic Saunas.  For starters, they are very affordable.  They tend to run at about half the price of the higher-end brands such as Sunlighten, which is ideal for those on a budget.

Another advantage is low EMF (electromagnetic field) ratings on their infrared heaters, which is a measure of their emissivity.  The lower this number is the less damaging it is to our bodies.  So always look for saunas with low EMFs and low ELF (extremely low frequency).

A third advantage is easy installation. Most of the Dynamic Saunas can be put together in under 1 hour. Only the largest units require a dedicated electrical hookup.

The Cons

There aren't too many cons here.  But if we have to mention something it would be the fact that there are so many different models to choose from. This could make it difficult for those who have a hard time making decisions.

The parent company of Dynamic is Golden Designs Incorporated, based in Ontario, Canada. We would like to see more info on the saunas as far as testing and certifications, but perhaps that will be added to the site soon.

The Bottom Line on Dynamic Saunas

Dynamic Saunas have received great reviews from users, with a majority of them being more than pleased with their results.

As such they are a great choice for those who may not be able to afford one of the higher end models.

So if you are looking for a home sauna without spending top dollar, Dynamic Saunas might just be the way to go for you.

Get more info and special sale pricing on all of these saunas here

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