Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna Heater Lasts a Lifetime

An infrared sauna heater is a specific type of emitter that creates infrared wavelengths that heat your body and not the air in the room. Your body absorbs this light and transforms it into energy in your cells for a multitude of health benefits including improved blood circulation and metabolism.

In addition, the far infrared rays created in a warm inviting sauna are natural radiant energy and are not damaging to the skin or harsh on the lungs of the bather. That’s what the infrared sauna heater is supposed to do, but unfortunately, not all heaters are equal in efficiency.

Different Infrared Heaters, Different Results

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Among the different types of FIR heaters on the market you’ll find ceramic, carbon, incoloy, and aluminum. These emitters give off different types and amounts of infrared light based primarily on the emissivity and surface temperature of the source.

Emissivity is the measure of an object’s ability to emit low, middle and far infrared energy, with levels ranging from 0 (shiny) to 1.0 (black body). A “black body” describes an infrared emitter that absorbs as much energy as it puts out.

The best infrared sauna heater will fall into this black body or perfect category and boast of 90-95% emissivity between 4 and 20 microns. This is optimum because the human body can absorb close to 93% of the infrared waves reaching the skin.

Pure Far Infrared

There are many infrared heaters being mass produced in China. But poorly-designed Asian saunas that use single rod emitters can not give true far infrared benefits that concave panels can.

Since infrared rays travel in a straight line and are absorbed by anything in its path (such as the human body), the rod emitters waste the infrared. The best emitter is concave, or cone-shaped, and one that delivers a concentrated pattern focused on the bather’s core and not on the sauna walls, ceiling floor and door.

These are other advantages of ceramic infrared heaters:

  • They have an estimated life of 10,000 operational hours
  • Low surface temperatures make the heater safe to touch
  • The concave shape of ceramic infrared heaters maximizes radiant efficiency
  • They have proven test results of 93% emissivity which closely corresponds to perfect far infrared
  • The ceramic emitter is in a reflective housing case that bounces nearly 90% of the rays back into the room to be absorbed by the bather
  • An infrared heater uses significantly less power than a hot rocks sauna heater; the average cost per use of an infrared sauna is about 5-10 cents versus 35-75 cents per use in a traditional sauna

Ceramic Emitters are Superior

A ceramic far infrared sauna heater will last for many years which is why manufacturers can offer a lifetime warranty on these units. The superior design of ceramic emitters in FIR saunas results in improved health benefits, long life for your sauna, and saving you money in operating costs.

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