Medical Sauna - A Newcomer to the Market

Recently we came across Medical Saunas, a new player in the industry based in Valencia, California.  They claim to be the only sauna developed and recommended by doctors.  

The company offers both infrared and traditional saunas in various sizes.

Let's take a closer look to see what they are all about...

A Look at the Saunas

Medical Sauna is a division of a company called Medical Breakthrough.  When you visit the company's website they have a number of massage chairs for sale, which we believe is their flagship offering.

At any rate, getting back to the Medical Sauna site, They offer 4 different models on sauna:  the Medical 3, 4, 5 and 6 Plus.  There is also a custom sauna option.

They are supposedly made of natural hemlock, have anywhere from 6-12 heating units depending on which model you choose, and have various trademarked "technologies" depending on which model you choose.

As you move up in the lineup, you get additional features and capabilities, including chromatic therapy, audio system and thicker paneling.

The Pros

There are a number of pros here to discuss.  It is a nice looking site and they seem to offer some discounts to various groups as well as no sales tax in 49 states.

We like the fact that they offer custom saunas, something that you don't find often.  You can get a custom infrared, traditional or full spectrum sauna to your specifications.

The company is also open 18 hours a day 7 days of week so it's easy to get in touch with them.  They are also transparent with their pricing so you don't have to call up to find out how much anything cost.

Another cool option is the hybrid sauna, which combines traditional and infrared heating to give you the benefits of both.  That's something you typically don't find anywhere else.

The Cons

There weren't many cons that we came across during our Medical Sauna review.  We would like to find out more about the doctors who were involved in designing the saunas and we'll keep you updated as we find out more information.

The Bottom Line on Medical Sauna

There are plenty of excellent options out there for those looking to make the significant investment in a sauna. So far everything looks good with Medical Sauna.  We're going to look into everything a little deeper and try to test one of their saunas out as well if possible.

We'll update our review with any new information that we find.

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