Medical Sauna - A Newcomer to the Market

Recently we came across Medical Saunas, a new player in the industry based in Valencia, California.  They claim to be the only sauna developed and recommended by doctors...they also make a lot of other claims on the site. Needless to say, we had to take a closer look.

A Look at the Saunas

Medical Saunas

Medical Sauna is a division of a company called Medical Breakthrough.  When you visit the company's website they feature videos of various doctors, but it appears to be a marketing company that has some kind of relationship with various medical professionals.  There's no real info on the company itself, which is the first red flag for us.

At any rate, getting back to the Medical Sauna site, They offer 5 different models on sauna:  the Medical 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Plus.  They give you a table comparing all of the models, but no real information about the wood, the heaters or any other components.

They are supposedly made of natural hemlock, have anywhere from 6-12 heating units depending on which model you choose, and have various trademarked "technologies" that are not described anywhere.

As you move up in the lineup, you get additional features and capabilities, including chromatic therapy, audio system and thicker paneling.

The Pros

There are not a lot of pros here to discuss.  With all of the claims and hype and marketing ploys, it's hard to find anything positive to say about this company.

The Cons

Where should we begin....let's start with the name itself.  On paper, the name Medical Sauna sounds great.   We definitely believe in the health benefits of saunas here, so the name is certainly catchy.

However, the company claims that their saunas are the only ones designed by doctors, yet there is no evidence that this is true.  Again, this is a marketing company that is somehow affiliated with doctors, and we know nothing about who they are, what their qualifications are or if/how they were involved in developing these saunas.

They compare their products to "regular saunas" but provide no documentation to show that their offerings are any different or better than anything else on the market.

Everything on the website is simply hype.   There's a lot of general information about the benefits of saunas and the company tries to make it seem like all of that information pertains to THEIR does not.

Perhaps the most egregious thing on the site is a page entitled "Medical Sauna Treatment Saves Over 700 New York Firefighters".  Yes, they even have the audacity to try to make you believe that their company was involved in a post-911 sauna treatment program.

That's all we needed to see to write this company off.  They are all about selling you saunas, which are also very pricey by the way, under the premise that they are somehow medical-grade because they show videos of doctors.  For shame.

The Bottom Line on Medical Sauna

Stay away.  There are plenty of better choices on the market today...real companies with real products.  Medical Sauna is just another example of a marketing company willing to say and do whatever it can to fool the public into buying their sub-standard products.

It's very sad that companies like this are allowed to operate online.

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