Ozone Sauna Oxygen Therapy - an Expensive Method of Detoxification

Patients and health enthusiasts seeking ozone sauna therapy can go into a clinic for a session or purchase a unit to do self treatments at home. Considered an alternative medical treatment, the use of ozone has not been widely studied in North America but has been used regularly in some European countries for decades.

The Home Sauna Re-Invented

It seems only natural that someone would want to come up with the ‘next big thing’ in sauna therapy, which is why the ozone sauna has now made its presence on the market. There’s not a lot of competition in the market; in fact, there’s only one unit which is advertised as the world’s first.

It’s called the Oxygen Therapy Ozone Sauna Cabinet, and it’s a one-person unit that sells for $8,100. It uses a PSA (pressure swing absorbent) design which incorporates the unit’s own generator to purify intake ambient air up to 90%. The sauna treatment alleges to detox the body, boost the immune system, and increase circulation and oxygen delivery to the cells of the body.

Ozone Sauna

The sauna uses an ozone application method called ‘ozone bagging’ in which every part of the body, except the head, is exposed to a bag full of O3 for up to two hours. As you can see from the linked example above, the bather’s head sticks out of the top of the personal sauna cabinet so that he/she doesn’t breathe in the ozone/oxygen mix.

The Theory Behind It

Oxygen is our body’s number one energy requirement, even more so than food or water. Only 10% of our body’s energy comes from food and water which means that 90% must come from oxygen. Ozone (O3) uses three Oxygen molecules which are unstable and briefly linked together (Oxygen is O2). The theory behind ozone saunas is that they concentrate this activated oxygen to be absorbed by the body to achieve greater health benefits.

Ozone does have natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal properties and it scrubs the atmosphere clean where smog is concerned. You may have heard of ozone generators which can be used safely for in-room air purification and to kill airborne bacteria. It can also be thought of as a poison which is why it’s used in swimming pools since it’s a thousand times more effective at killing germs than chlorine.

Is it Right for You?

Studies in the U.S. are lagging behind Europe as far as the safety and effectiveness of ozone as a therapy is concerned. The FDA still lists ozone as an unapproved drug and warns consumers that ozone is a highly toxic gas that when inhaled is extremely irritating to the lungs, mucous membranes, and the eyes.

Though it is still relatively new, you can find ozone oxygen therapy offered at holistic clinics in many states in the U.S. where alternative medical procedures are permitted by law. (They are usually operated by chiropractors.)

We can only suggest you perform your own due diligence before pursuing this more extreme and expensive method of detox. A traditional sauna or far infrared sauna accomplishes the same health rejuvenating benefits as the ozone sauna and are virtually safe for the majority of users.

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