Is It Safe to take an Infrared Sauna Every Day?

Taking an infrared sauna every day is one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall health. The benefits of using a sauna regularly are numerous, and if you're in good general health, daily use can promote healing, improve blood circulation, increase your body's production of red blood cells, relax tired or stiff muscles and boost your immune system function.

The key to using a sauna safely every day is keeping some critical tips in mind:

Tips for Using an Infrared Sauna Every Day

  • Preheat your infrared sauna. By letting it "warm up" before you get in, you'll increase its efficiency so that you'll break a sweat and get the detoxification benefits sooner. If you get in a cool sauna, you can spend up to a half hour with no benefits because you aren't sweating and your body isn't getting a sufficient amount of infrared heat.
  • Shower or bathe before your sauna, using water that is very warm. This can kick start your metabolism, intensifying the weight loss and detox benefits. Efficiency is the key to getting the most from using your sauna every day.
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  • Get naked or nearly naked when you use your sauna. Clothing partially blocks infrared waves, reducing the efficiency of your sauna. Clothes also prevent evaporation of sweat, which can lead to heat exhaustion or other problems. If you can't get in your infrared sauna naked, try wearing just a bathing suit.
  • Towel off frequently so that your body is encouraged to continue sweating. This also prevents the many toxins in your sweat from being reabsorbed into your skin. The result? Cleaner, clearer skin with less acne. (Keep in mind, however, that your acne may get worse for a few days before it gets better. Sauna use every day is a long-term approach.)
  • Start slowly and build. Don't make the mistake of hopping into an infrared sauna the first day and trying to stay in it for a half hour or more at a higher heat level. Start with gentle heat (100°-110° F) and build up to a high of 130°-140° over a few weeks. The same goes for time spent in the sauna – ten or fifteen minutes will be sufficient at first.

What Are the Benefits Of Daily Sauna Use?

As mentioned earlier, spending time in the sauna every day can increase your metabolism, boost immune system function, clear up acne and help you relax. Some other benefits include improved sleep – if you take a sauna at least four hours before you go to bed each day, you'll soon discover that you fall asleep more quickly and will get a deeper, more restful sleep each night.

Your body will become more efficient at everything from producing more healthy red blood cells to sweating out grime and body toxins such as heavy metals. You will soon begin to feel more energetic and focused.

Finally, combining daily exercise with using a sauna every day is a great way to give your health a powerful boost. Exercising before you get in the sauna will maximize the effects of the infrared sauna because you're jump starting your metabolism and fat burn. You'll soon see impressive results in how you feel and look, proving that every day sauna use is a great way to stay healthy.

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