Pictures of Sauna Girls

These sauna girls know how to relax and unwind in a Finnish sauna! It's an experience not to be hurried. (The pictures displayed on this page were purchased from for use on this website.)

Sauna Girls

Four girls enjoying a Finnish sauna.

Sauna Teen

The top bench in the sauna gets the hottest löyly!

Sauna Women

Girl making löyly by pouring water over the sauna rocks. Löyly is dramatic, a crackle, a loud and instant vaporization, followed by the quick thought of “Gee, nothing hap... - wait, it sure got hot in here!”

Sauna Girl

It’s considered impolite in Finland to wear clothes in a sauna. Just relax and enjoy the Finnish steam bath.

Sauna Photo

This sauna girl enjoys her session in a traditional Finnish hot rock sauna.

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