Is a Sauna Good for Skin?

Most experts agree that a sauna is good for skin, particularly if used regularly as part of an overall skin and health care regimen. While some people may avoid using a sauna because they fear the sweating will clog pores, the opposite is actually true.

Is Sweating in a Sauna Good for Acne?

The heavy sweating you’ll produce in a sauna will open your pores and flush them out. Since acne is caused by sweat, dirt and other debris clogging your pores, a sauna is good for the skin because it effectively removes anything clogging the pores.

The sweating also removes toxins from the skin and helps destroy bacteria that can otherwise form in acne pimples, leading to inflamed or infected lesions.

The key to successfully using a sauna as an acne treatment is how you treat your skin during and after you relax in the heat. A sauna is good for getting rid of acne only as long as you thoroughly wash away the sweat on your body immediately after sauna. This washes away the old sweat and helps close the pores so they are less likely to become clogged again.

You should also consider exfoliating with a loofah or nylon scrubby after getting out of the sauna but before showering. This will loosen any dead skin cells clinging to the surface of the skin so they can be washed away before they have the chance to accumulate in pores or hair follicles.

More Ways a Sauna is Good for Skin

Getting rid of acne is the most obvious skin health benefit of using a sauna, but it’s not the only one. Increased blood circulation gives your skin more oxygen, a vital nutrient for skin cell renewal. You’ll love the tingly, flushed feeling of your skin after a half hour in a sauna.

Regular use of a sauna also increases collagen production; collagen promotes skin’s elasticity, minimizing wrinkles as you age and keeping skin supple and smooth.

After each sauna session, lightly exfoliate, shower or bathe using a mild cleansing soap and pat your skin dry. While you’re still a bit warm, moisturize your skin with a rich cream or lotion. Because your skin will still be slightly flushed, it will more readily absorb the moisturizer, keeping it soft and resilient.

After a few weeks of regular use, you’ll know the sauna is good for skin because your own skin will be glowing and healthy.

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