Sauna Massage Is Good For Muscles

Sauna massage is becoming quite popular with people who are physically active, although it is good for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and relaxation. Some of the first people to realize the benefits of combining sauna and massage were athletes.

Athletes and Sauna Massage

Sports trainers began massaging in a sauna as a way to more effectively loosen muscles and release muscle tension after athletes went through rigorous workouts. When you use your muscles to the point of tiredness or overextend certain muscles, they can quickly become sore or cramp up. A massage helps work out that tension and relaxes the muscles for more efficient healing.

Muscles will naturally respond to the warmth of a sauna and begin to relax on their own, but adding massage maximizes this effect. The warmth of the sauna will also improve the effectiveness of any massage techniques used.

Heat makes your muscles more supple, so they will respond more quickly and at a deeper level to massage. The heat of a sauna will also speed injury recovery after intense workouts.

Sauna Massage

Anyone Can Benefit from Sauna Massage

You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the wonderful sense of relaxation you’ll get with a massage. Anyone who has worked hunched over a desk all day long can attest to the way the muscles of the neck and shoulders can quickly tense up and become tight and sore.

Combining heat and massage improves your blood circulation as well, which helps improve your blood oxygen level for better overall health. If you’ve been using your muscles for any sort of exertion, getting the maximum amount of oxygen to the muscles will help your body flush out excess lactic acid out of your muscles that can accumulate during activity.

Appealing to the Senses

Massage appeals to the senses on a variety of different levels when done properly. Many massage therapists use essential oils to provide a smooth, easy glide over the muscles when massaging. These oils also help moisturize the skin and penetrate deep into the muscles.

Most essential oils used during massage contain aromatherapy scents that will “bloom” in the heat of a sauna, releasing calming or therapeutic scents into the air.

Sauna massage is a great way to completely relax, using all of the senses and a combination of therapeutic treatments to soothe and heal your body. For the best results, be sure you properly hydrate before entering the sauna and after your massage is complete.

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