6 Sauna Safety Tips to Take Seriously

Are you going to visit a sauna in the near future? Then take these sauna safety tips to heart. Now, there’s no need to stress over the experience. Actually, saunas are fairly relaxing.

However, on some occasions saunas have been so relaxing that some club members have acted recklessly and injured themselves as a result. By following these six sauna safety tips, you should enjoy a relaxing sweat.

Safety Tip #1:

Remove any and all objects on you, including jewelry.

One is usually naked in the sauna and has no need to carry around iPods, cell phones or anything of the material world. Besides, don’t you know that metal objects heat up fast in saunas?

Super-heated metal objects can burn the skin. For your protection, remove any and all gadgets, as well as jewelry like earrings, bracelets and rings before stepping in.

Safety Tip #2:

Do not eat while in the sauna or before entering the sauna.

Ideally, you want to take a good steam and then go catch some grub. Eating while you are in the sauna can lower your blood pressure, as can sipping alcoholic drinks. You should also avoid eating right before you enter the sauna.

Breaking the rules could lead to nausea, dizziness or even fainting in some cases. Doctors advise all high blood pressure patients to avoid the sauna, regardless of their previous meals.

Safety Tip #3:

Protect your hair.

You paid some money for that head of hair, even if you just applied shampoo and gel. So take care of it by covering your hair area with a towel or turban.

The intensity of a sauna’s heat can dry out hair shafts. What’s the worst that could happen? Your hair could become very brittle or break off entirely.

Safety Tip #4:

Take care of your skin.

Ideally, you only need 20 minutes to get the full effect of a sauna. So avoid overstaying your welcome. Too much of a good thing can hurt your skin and possibly dehydrate you.

Moisturize your skin after you use the sauna. Your skin is sensitive while inside and quickly dries once you leave the sauna and enter the fresh air.

Safety Tip #5:

Rehydrate and cool yourself immediately upon leaving.

This is one of the most important sauna safety tips: drink lots of cool water after you leave. Sauna guests are advised to drink 2-4 glasses of water after leaving the area.

Dehydration can occur quickly after being exposed to humid conditions and heated temperatures. You should also surround yourself with cooler temperatures in general—perhaps a dip in the swimming pool or a cold shower.

Safety Tip #6:

Follow suggested rules for using an infrared sauna.

Safety guidelines for infrared saunas disqualify people with certain conditions from using the sauna. The elderly, pregnant women, patients on medication, persons with implants, and sickly individuals should avoid an infrared sauna.

These saunas are different in that they use infrared waves to heat the body instead of steam.

Enjoy your steam bath by following these sauna safety tips!

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