The Belt of Your Dreams—A Review of the Sauna Twin Heating Belt

Can the Sauna Twin Heating Belt really help you to lose weight? This belt has been designed to burn fat and is commonly advertised on TV as a “Sauna Twin weight loss system.” The promises that Sauna Twin makes are striking indeed. They claim that you can lose two sizes in as little as two weeks. How does this product work?

How a Heating Belt Works

The Sauna Twin Heating Belt is supposed to be wrapped around the specific area of your body that requires the most fat reduction. This area covers your lower back and runs all the way around your tummy. The product emanates heat, which breaks down fat and excretes it through the sweat. Basically what happens is that the fat tissue absorbs the energy of

the light wave from the product. This results in an increase of tissue temperature. The heat of the belt eliminates not only fat but also unattractive cellulite.

Sauna Twin Heating Belt

This heating pad has an adjustable temperature of 95 to 145 degrees. Science says that fat becomes water soluble at 100 degrees, and thus your body can sweat the fat out. In addition to excess fat, you can also get rid of various toxins and metals, which store in your body. In addition to weight loss, the Sauna Twin Heating Belt can also help to detoxify the skin, making you look and feel younger.

Does the Sauna Twin Belt Really Work?

The heating belt has some basis in scientific reasoning. However, this does not mean that using such a system will instantly cause you to lose weight. Different people have very different metabolic rates, body shapes and chemical reactions. What works for one person might not work for someone else.

The truth is that a heating belt cannot substitute for a routine of exertion exercise with healthy dieting. It is true that the Sauna Twin Weight Loss Belt can be used in addition to these other solutions and it may be able to help slim you down at a faster rate than just doing exercises alone.

One claim that the manufacturer of the Sauna Twin belt makes is questionable. Some websites are reporting that the belt has the ability to heal open wounds and burns. There is no scientific basis for this claim.

Heating therapy may be able to revitalize your body, and maybe even help you sweat off excess weight. However, open wounds or burns require medical treatment, usually in the form of bandaging and antibiotics. Avoid using this belt on damaged skin.

The Sauna Twin Heating Belt weighs three pounds. It is important to note that when you are ready to use this system, you must devote the proper amount of time to see results. Think of using this weight loss heating belt as a miniature sauna. Instead of putting it on for 20 minutes and then taking it off, consider wearing it for 30-60 minutes.

Better yet, try using this belt while you’re exercising, rather than sitting in a stationary position. Stay active and experiment with different ways to lose weight until you find one that works!

The Sauna Belt – Does it Work or is it a Scam?

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