Sauna Video Clips -- A Collection of the Best Videos from YouTube

A Visit to the Oldest Public Sauna in Finland

A video about the oldest public sauna in Finland. Maybe there are much older saunas -- who knows!

World Sauna Championships 2006

This video shows an interview with Riku Jaro, the organizer of the World Sauna Championships 2006, the world's biggest sauna party. It was held on the 5th and 6th of August, 2006 in Heinola, Finland.

Although it was a very exciting competition, the 2010 championship was the very last time it was held as one man died and another almost died due to the extreme conditions.  Probably a good thing that they did to avoid any future problems.

How to Build a Sauna

To the Finns, the sauna is a out of body experience. Join your lovable hosts as they walk you through the process of how to build a sauna.

How to Enjoy a Nude Sauna

This is how we take a nude sauna in Finland!

Build Your Own Sauna

Video on how to build your own sauna in 1 minute!

Comical Sauna Videos

Two hilarious videos of "hot" guys checking out each other's you know what. You may think they are gay, or is there more to it than meets the eye? Watch the videos and find out.

Hairy Man in Sauna

In Finland all men are quite attractive...well not all of them!

Floating Sauna in Sweden

Video of floating sauna off Grinda Island (Sweden).

Sauna Wood Heater

Lighting up the wood heater in Finnish sauna.

Russian Saunas

Video of a visit to a traditional Banya (Russian Sauna) in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Sasha as our guide; Russians building a sauna with a tarp; naked Russian men cooling off in snow after sauna.

Russians building a sauna with a tarp.

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