Can You Lose Weight in Sauna Workout Suits?

Sauna workout suits have been worn in different forms by boxers, wrestlers and many athletes for decades as they strove to reach their weight goals quickly.

These workout suits have evolved from simple heavy cotton sweatsuits to gear made exclusively to promote sweating. They aren’t just for athletes anymore either as a sauna exercise suit can be worn around the house or yard while you do your chores.

What are Sauna Workout Suits?

Sauna suits use the heat your body produces during aerobic and cardiovascular exercise to increase perspiration. These sauna suits are lightweight, usually made of nylon, and have cuffs at the wrists and waist to keep heat in. In addition to being attractive, they are inexpensive ranging in price from $10 to $150. There are one-size-fits-all workout suits, and men’s and women’s styles that come in S, M, L, and XL.

Sauna Exercise Suit

Sweat Out Toxins and Waste

Most of the weight loss while exercising in sauna workout suits is water. Yes, it is quickly regained once you drink water again, but that’s expected. These sauna suits also keep your muscles warm as well as relieve minor aches and pains. But the main benefit comes from the healthy cleansing process when you sweat out toxins and waste from your body.

Warnings about Wearing a Sauna Exercise Suit

Sauna Workout Suits

The goal is to perspire but there’s a chance you could overdo it. Your body temperature is going to go up when you combine a sauna suit with a workout, which is why your body sweats considerably during exercise - it’s trying to cool down.

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The suit will prevent your body from cooling off and even increase the body’s temperature more. If you are not careful, wearing a sauna suit too long could lead to circulatory constriction, dehydration and even heat stroke, so start out slow.

Buying Tips

When you shop around for a sauna suit, avoid the unisex sizes and go for the proper fitting exercise suits since you’re far more likely to accidentally buy a suit that’s too small than too big. Other than sizes running small, the other main concern users have is that cheaper suits rip easily while working out, in fact, very easily.

The good news is that as athletic equipment manufacturers such as Everlast have entered this hot growing market, the quality of sauna workout suits has seen some great improvement.

Can You Really Lose Weight in a Sauna Suit?

Flat stomachs and well-toned abs are made in the kitchen, not in a gym. Your diet is the number one factor for controlling the amount of extra fat deposits on your body. The second is getting some exercise be it walking, swimming, biking, tennis or whatever.

A sauna exercise suit gives you the freedom to get outdoors and just walk off the weight — forget building a home sauna, and forget crunches and sit-ups! Most people do sit-ups incorrectly anyway, putting the workload on the hip flexors instead of the stomach muscles, but a simple plan of walking 4 mph, and wearing gear to get you to sweat buckets will do wonders to target the fat stores located all over your body.

Yes, you can lose weight wearing sauna workout suits, just like athletes do. Just remember, your body is really pumping out the sweat so it’s important to drink water to keep hydrated.

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