An Introduction to the Smoke Sauna

The smoke sauna is actually the traditional sauna, and a relaxation feature that dates back to hundreds of years ago. This method of sauna takes several hours to prepare, since the heat is produced by putting heat-retaining stones in a fireplace.

There is no chimney here, so the smoke escapes through a hole near the roof. The room is rectangle shaped and resembles a small hut. It uses a rock stove and a slightly raised platform.

The primitive design of this sauna is also called a savusauna. For many, traditional saunas are the real deal.

How it Works

How does a smoke sauna operate? Whenever the rocks contained in the stove heat up, smoke emerges from burning wood circles in the room. When the sauna is hot enough the fire dies and smoke exits through the ceiling vent.

At this point, the smoke darkens the room and leaves soot as well as a nice odor. The soot is cleaned off of vital areas like the floor and the sitting bench.

If you are intimidated by the site of soot, just know that it is not the same thing as dirt and actually wards off various types of bacteria. The heat you enjoy when you come inside is actually the residual heat of the earlier burning.

Upon entering traditional Finnish smoke saunas, choose your seat. If the sauna is operated by the guest, then you may have to throw one or more ladles of water on the stove.

Do this slowly, as your body needs time to adapt to the temperature change. Start out with half a ladle and put them on the center of the stones.

Ultimately, the heat of the sauna is controlled by the amount of water you throw on the rocks. The first heat wave will be intense, but as you add more, your body adjusts to the temperature and it doesn’t feel as hot.

What Does a Sauna Do For You?

A smoke sauna experience leaves you feeling good and slightly tired. However, it is a relaxed feeling rather than a feeling of hard work and exertion.

The sauna is not only relaxing, it is also a highly significant cultural activity in some parts of the world, particularly Finland. The rules of a smoke or savusauna are fairly basic. You wash before you take a steam and wear the bare minimum (if any) clothes while relaxing.

When you are in a sauna and sharing the room with other people, be careful not to let the door open too long if you are coming or going. Fresh air from outside can quickly dissipate the heat inside the sauna.

In the end, the smoke sauna is a great place to relax. The sauna has many beneficial results include relaxation, temporary healing from various disease symptoms, rejuvenation, reduction of stress and the improving of joint mobility.

This primitive sauna design is considered by some to still be the best type of sauna in the world.

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