Swedish Sauna Heaters Made by Tylo

For generations, Swedish sauna heaters have been highly touted for their reliability, craftsmanship, performance and especially safety.

The electric and wood-fired sauna heaters manufactured by the Swedish company Tylo, for example, use a thermo-safe design that offers a low surface temperature on the heater’s front and sides and a number of other outstanding safety features.

Quality is a trait seen in all Tylo sauna heaters from the lowest end stoves to the most expensive commercial models. These Swedish sauna heaters are made with stainless steel compartments, and the deep rock containers are designed to allow direct contact between the rocks and the elements.

This unique feature allows for complete 100% vaporization, something not seen in other hot rocks stoves. Swedish made Tylo sauna heaters boast fast heating times, plus a temperature cut-off feature that promotes low energy consumption, a humidifier, and safety sensors.

Tylo’s Line of Sauna Heaters

With prices ranging from $675 to $1900, this sophisticated line of Swedish made sauna heaters is broad enough to appeal to every homeowner’s sauna needs, from simple to elaborate.

Budget Sauna Heaters

The smallest “Made in Sweden” sauna heaters, such as the Sport U4 or Sport U8, , include the same features as the Supersport models below, but run about $60 less with a different control panel placement.

Super Sport U8 Tylo Sauna Heater - Swedish Sauna Heaters

Mid-Priced Sauna Heaters

The mid-priced heaters, such as the 8-kw SUPER-SPORT-U8 includes safety features such as automatic shut-off, high limit controls and the thermo-safe exterior. Like the rest of the Swedish Tylo line of heaters, these models also include the energy-saving fast heat-up time, built-in humidifiers and full vaporization. The Super Sport-U8 has the manual and automatic switch-off options mounted on the front panel.

Deluxe Sauna Heaters

Tylo COMBI-U8 Swedish Sauna Heater

The Deluxe models are for larger saunas, such as 8-person units, often found in health spas and hotels. The higher end Swedish sauna heaters such as the Tylo COMBI-U8 (about $1900) offer features like: built-in dispensers for aromatics such as essential oils or dried or fresh herbs, electronic timers, memory recall of previous bathing mode, 10 hours of pre-sets to schedule your sauna session, electronic low-water cut-off, and an automatic drying function after completion of the steam sauna cycle.

The Combi-U8 is the best “Made in Sweden” sauna heater on the market, allowing you to have a combination of a traditional dry sauna room operating at 5-35% humidity, or a steam sauna at 40-65% humidity.

All of these quality Swedish heaters are available in 240v, and some can be ordered in 3 phase 208V. (Equipment with heating elements must be matched properly to the correct voltage in your home.) The heaters also come with an external wall control panel, and sauna rocks are included with the price.

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Tylo Stands Above the Rest

Tylo ranks high among Swedish sauna heaters because they represent a great investment.

The company owns a number of stove design patents and continues to be the leader in sophisticated sauna stove technology.

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