The Velform Sauna Belt Reviewed

The Velform sauna belt is one of those late night TV infomercial scams that we all fall prey to now and again. We all know better, but we keep buying these products on impulse that promise to cure our problems - in this case fat around our waists - for less than forty bucks and one that won’t require us to exert any effort whatsoever.

What is a Velform Sauna Belt?

The sauna belt is worn around the stomach, hips, back or thighs. It consists of a flexible belt available in one size fits-all with a secure velcro fastener and plugs into AC 110V.

You are limited in your movement around the room because the Velform belt has to remain plugged in, and the cord is only five feet long. The temperature range is adjustable from 93° - 167° F. You turn it on and wear it for 50 minutes, or as the sales pitch says:

"Just set the desired temperature and in less than an hour, you'll begin to see results!"

That’s the scam anyway. We can’t put it more simply: the Velform sauna belt does not work. It causes no sweating, no inches lost, no fat burned off, nothing. One thing that it does cause is burns.

A Dangerous Product

Velform Sauna Belt

The use of the word “sauna” in this product’s name is an abomination. It is not a “sauna”, which is a steam room, cabin, hut, or even a tent, intended to target the full body. The Velform belt is a belt worn over a small area of the body. There is no such thing as “spot reduction” in sauna terminology. This is nothing more than an expensive heating pad.

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What the Velform sauna belt is, though, is a dangerous product. Many, many consumers have complained about the burning and blistering this product causes around their mid-section after only 50 minutes of use.

Continuous use of the Velform belt, even if you avoid burning the skin, can even cause internal injuries. Strong local heat can cause pre-ulcerative erosive gastritis, which is seen in burn cases, but the over-use of sauna belts can also cause it.

Just a quick note about those infomercials: the model looks great wearing it but that’s because he or she looked that way before they showed up to model the Velform belt.

These are paid models, always remember that. (For that matter, let’s note that the model in the commercial is running with the sauna belt on — without the cord! Talk about false advertising. This is not a battery-operated product, folks.)

May We Suggest...

Your spare tire will shrink with a combination of proper diet, walking, and even the use of a real sauna. A sauna will make you sweat (this is important for those who don’t exercise hard enough to raise their heart rate) and as you perspire, toxins are eliminated from the body through your skin.

Not only will a real steam sauna help to burn calories, it also offers great mental and physical benefits including relieving stress and alleviating arthritis.

If price is your main concern, we suggest you forget about the Velform sauna belt scam, as well as other spot-reducing gadgets, and check out wearable sauna suits. They are comfortable and affordable (they cost even less than these belts!), and if your goal is to sweat buckets then you can’t miss with sauna workout suits. They really work.

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