The Increasing Popularity of Naturist Saunas

Naturist saunas are basically saunas where clothing is not worn. Unlike more casual situations where clothing is considered optional, naturists actively enforce a “no clothing” rule.

While these saunas are quite popular in some European countries, they are less common in North America. They are, however, becoming more popular as more adherents each year discover the pleasure of relaxing in a sauna without clothing.

Who Supports Naturist Saunas?

Naturist Saunas

For people who enjoy naturist saunas without having the naturist lifestyle carry over into their everyday lives, the reasons for using a sauna without clothing are largely practical or related to health concerns.

Some of the most common reasons people prefer nude saunas to wearing a bathing suit or wrapping in a towel include:

  • Better hygiene. Clamming clothing worn next to the skin can harbor bacteria and prevent the high heat of the sauna from killing off germs.
  • It’s simply more comfortable to relax in a sauna without wet, heavy clothing clinging to your skin.
  • As you sweat out toxins and lactic acid while enjoying the sauna, the sweat can become clogged in your pores and lead to skin problems if you keep clothing on that traps your sweat close to the skin. In contrast, using the sauna in the nude can open up your pores and allow you to sweat out impurities, leading to clearer, cleaner skin.

Naturists have a variety of reasons for foregoing clothing, including environmental concerns, the belief that being comfortable with nudity is more natural, and simply enjoying the comfort of escaping the confines of their clothing.

Many naturists also prefer being naked when visiting the beach, doing activities outside, and in the comfort of their own home, while other naturists confine their nudity to specific situations such as swimming or using a sauna.

Home Saunas for Naturists

Many people who enjoy using the sauna without wearing bathing suits or clothing eventually invest in a sauna for their home, particularly individuals who practice naturism only in the privacy of their own home.

If you feel comfortable relaxing in the nude or enjoying skinny dipping and other activities without clothing, you’re an excellent candidate for a home sauna.

You and your family can regularly enjoy naturist saunas in complete privacy and without having to share your sauna sessions with others who might not understand the allure of using a sauna without clothing.

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