Where are Most Saunas Made and Does it Really Matter?

Where saunas are made is a big consideration when it comes down to a purchase, as this can potentially influence the quality as well as the efficacy of the product.  As such, it's important to be aware of not only where but how saunas are manufactured, and what you need to be aware of.

The Most Important Considerations

Oftentimes when we are making a purchase, especially one that is expensive like a home sauna, we worry about where something is made. Some insist on "made in the USA" while others are worried about anything that is made in China.

But just because something is made in the United States, doesn't mean it's great.  And along those same lines, just because something is made in China, doesn't mean it's low quality.

It comes down to the company and the manufacturing processes and oversight.  If the company takes pride in its products and cares about its customers, it doesn't really matter where exactly their products are made.  

Sure, it's nice to know that you are buying something that was built right here in the US of A.  But that's not always possible for any number of reasons.  This is something to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new sauna for your home.

So Where Do Most Home Saunas Come From?

Traditional Saunas

When we talk about traditional saunas, we mean those with wood stoves or electric heaters, rather than the newer infrared models.  Let's look at some of the most popular traditional brands and see where they are made.

Harvia - manufactured in Finland

Finnleo - manufactured in Finland and USA

Finlandia - manufactured in Finland and USA

For the most part, the better traditional saunas use heaters from Finland and woods from the United States or Canada.

Infrared Saunas

When we talk about infrared saunas, these are the ones with infrared heating panels rather than actual heating units like traditional models have.  These are more modern, very popular these days and there's a wide range of brands out there.

It's interesting to note that a very large percentage of them are made in Asia, branded and resold.  However, even the top names in the business have Asia-based manufacturing plants.  

The difference is that the better companies actually oversee the entire process from start to finish, ensuring high quality and adhering to strict standards.  That is not the case for many of the companies though.

Let's take a look at where the infrared saunas are made...

Clearlight - saunas are made in China, with overseas employees overseeing the process.

Sunlighten - saunas are produced in Vietnam, with overseas employees overseeing the process.

Saunacore - most are produced in Canada, with an affordable "Sunset" line from China.

Health Mate - saunas are made in Yantai, China, with overseas employees overseeing the process.

So as you can see, even the top brands in the industry do their manufacturing in Asia.  Most of the wood is from the US or Canada, and it is sent overseas to be constructed.  

But this does not mean that they are subpar by any stretch.  Quite the opposite actually, and the best infrared sauna companies have the studies, research and certification to prove it.

So Why Do People Think Made in China is a Bad Thing?

Quite simply, China gets a bad rap.  Because manufacturing is much cheaper there, it just makes financial sense for many companies to build their products there.  Big companies like Apple, AT&T, Adidas, Coca Cola, Dell, Ford, Honda, IBM, Kraft and hundreds of others have plants in China.

So why do saunas made in China get a bad rap?  Because people unfairly associate China with poorly made products, i.e. cheap toys, faulty appliances, unsafe games.  And to be fair, there are also a lot of poorly made saunas that come out of China as well.  

But there's a market for everything, so as with any other country, even the USA, there are products geared towards all segments of the market.  There are plenty of poorly made, cheap products everywhere, and there are an equal number of very well made products...even in China and the rest of Asia.

So What's the Bottom Line?

Don't concern yourself too much with where your sauna is actually made, but rather concern yourself with finding a reputable manufacturer that oversees the entire process.

Most sauna companies online are NOT manufacturers.  They are simply resellers.  That's where you often find the poor quality saunas made in China or elsewhere in Asia.

Stick with the manufacturers...Clearlight, Sunlighten, Saunacore, Health Mate...the companies that actually make their own saunas and oversee the process from start to finish, and you will have nothing to worry about.

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