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The Complete Guide to Home Saunas & Sauna Kits - Everything you ever wanted to know about home saunas and building your own using precut sauna kits. Learn about Finnish, steam, infrared and portable saunas, sauna health benefits and heater options.

Compare Prices of Home Saunas - Prices of home saunas are much more attractive on than in local stores or elsewhere on the Internet. Shop for infrared saunas, heaters and accessories at very competitive prices.

Sauna Benefits - Relaxation, Stress Relief and Weight Loss - How the sauna benefits your health: alleviate backaches, sore muscles, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and depression. Reap the health benefits of saunas with a daily sweating session.

Home Infrared Saunas – Safe and Energy Efficient - Compare conventional and home infrared saunas. Far infrared saunas offer key advantages and health benefits. Sweat three times as much in energy efficient FIR sauna.

Steam Saunas Relieve Tension and Stress - Steam saunas are different from the steam rooms you see at the athletic club. Hot rock home steam sauna ideal way to relax, relieve tension and stress.

Finnish Saunas – How they Work...How to Enjoy the Heat! - Traditional Finnish saunas – the ‘poor man’s pharmacy’. Recreate the Finland sauna experience with a hot rock sauna you can install at home. Relax and unwind in the löyly steam.

Sauna vs. Steam Room – Understand the Difference - Need help in your sauna vs. steam room decision? Find out which one is right for you. Build your own sauna or steam chamber and enjoy the numerous health benefits.

Cedar Barrel Saunas - The Best Choice in Outdoor Saunas - A look at the features of barrel saunas. Build a cedar barrel sauna in your backyard in less than a day. Pre-fab kits simplify construction.

A Look at Outdoor Saunas - A look at pre-fab outdoor saunas and sauna kits. From choosing the right wood to selecting an energy-efficient heater, the choices are many. Tips on setting up a backyard sauna.

Portable Saunas You Can Take with You - Portable saunas, as easy to move as furniture. From cabinet type 1 to 2-person units to sweat suits, the sauna dome and the sauna-in-the-bag, there’s a personal sauna for you.

Pre-Fab and Do-It-Yourself Home Sauna Kits - Easy-to-assemble prefabricated (modular) home sauna kits for the carpentry challenged. Custom designed do-it-yourself sauna kits for the handyman.

Tips for Drawing Up Your Sauna Plans - Nine important tips for drawing up your sauna plans. How to choose the right woods and heater, the most important element of a sauna building plan.

DIY Sauna Installation Made Easy - Do your own sauna installation. Tips on installing modular and custom made sauna kits and how to save money by choosing the proper kit for your skill level.

Custom Saunas – Built to Fit Anywhere - Custom saunas offer flexibility and reflect your personality. What to look for in custom built saunas, professional advice and installation tips.

About Commercial Saunas, Public Sauna Etiquette & Customs - An introduction to commercial saunas and sweat baths around the world. Learn about local sauna etiquette and customs when visiting a public sauna.

How to Build a Sauna – Research & Pre-Planning are Key - Tips on how to build a sauna from scratch or from a precut sauna kit. Save $$$ by building your own sauna. Points to consider before you start

Sauna Heaters – Cost and Functionality Determine Choice - Wood-fired, electric and infrared sauna heaters, gas and propane sauna stoves. Traditional and high-tech heaters for home saunas, pros and cons of various heating systems.

Sauna Parts for Traditional & Infrared Saunas - Essential sauna parts and sauna equipment supplies: doors, benches, thermometers, hygrometers, sauna clocks, control panels, igneous rocks, floor mats.

Sauna Accessories Reflect Your Personality - Ideas for sauna accessories: bucket and dipper, loofa brush, lighting, essential oils and ionizers, entertainment systems and other sauna accessory items.

Reviews of Amerec Steam Rooms & Steam Shower Generators - Turn your current shower or any small room into an oasis of relaxation; wet heat promotes clearer, softer skin and helps flush toxins out of the body.

Dreamline Saunas – Reviews of Prebuilt, Precut & Outdoor Saunas - Dreamline Saunas carries outdoor, indoor, pre-built, pre-cut and infrared saunas made from European alder and red cedar woods that are durable, attractive, and resist warping and splintering.

Reviews of Finlandia Saunas, Pre-Fab Saunas & Kits, Electric Sauna Heaters - Finlandia saunas, pre-cut sauna kits and heaters, some of the best in the industry. Manufactured since 1964, these attractive in home saunas are easy to assemble and reasonably priced.

Reviews of Finnleo Saunas – Cutting Edge Designs - Finnleo saunas run the gamut from inexpensive portable to high end, luxury styles available in several different woods, but the focus is on their higher end models.

Reviews of Great Saunas – Finnish, Far Infrared, Indoor, Outdoor, Cabin Styles - Great Saunas offers over 100 models of the twelve most popular saunas, constructed from red cedar, extremely well-built, attractive.

Harvia Saunas – Reviews of Outdoor & Infrared Saunas - Harvia Saunas offer a wide range of complete saunas, heaters and accessories, steam rooms and steam generators. Their wood burning heaters and outdoor saunas continue to be best sellers.

Lux Sauna Review – LuxSauna Infrared Saunas - Lux Sauna uses a combination of carbon fiber heaters and ceramic heaters, giving users better coverage than in more typical infrared units. Infrared saunas with exceptional craftsmanship.

Northern Lights Saunas – Reviews of Authentic Finnish Saunas - Northern Lights Saunas come in attractive designs and their proprietary air circulation system are worth every penny if you spend a few days every week in your sauna.

Sunlighten Saunas – Reviews of Full Spectrum & Carbon Surround Infrared Saunas - Sunlighten saunas use SoloCarbon or Carbon Surround technology to ensure even heating of the body. Increases the detoxification effect by seven times that of traditional saunas

The Sauna Belt – Does it Work or is it a Scam? - Sauna belt promises weight loss while watching TV! Sauna heating belt scam companies exposed. Find out what works, what doesn’t.

Lose Weight in a Sauna Suit – It Works! - Yes, you can melt away unwanted fat in a sauna suit! Inexpensive sauna sweat suits promote sweating and burn calories. Find the best sauna workout suit to achieve your goals.

Our Selection of Sauna Books - Sauna books for the DIY sauna builder. Plan, design and build your private health spa or sauna with the help of these illustrated guide books. Info on sauna detox and therapy.

About This Site - About this site: useful information about all things relating to home saunas.

The Sauna-Talk Blog - The Sauna-Talk Blog keeps you up-to-date on the latest additions to this web site. Keep up-to-date on home saunas, tips on building your own sauna.

Sauna Video Clips from Around the World - Our collection of entertaining and informative video clips from around the world.

Sauna Photos - Sauna Image Gallery -Sauna photos from Flickr; our image gallery of rustic saunas.

Submit Sauna Photos - Submit your sauna photos and construction tips. Show us how you built your own sauna - share your expertise.

The Nude Sauna – a Finnish Sauna Tradition - The nude sauna is not a hangout for nudists: naked sauna bathing is a tradition in Finland and goes back for generations.

The Gay Sauna – Bathhouses for Gay Men - The culture and history of the gay sauna: with the rights of homosexuals now recognized in most civilized countries, there are saunas and bathhouses for gay men in countries around the world.

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